Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday morning surprises

Yesterday morning I found on my doorstep a plethora of packages delivered by the mail man. Two were from my loving mother, back in VT, and the others from my good friend in New York. My friend, Helen, has had a busy summer already and I am so lucky to have her as a pen pal because she sent me little treasures from where she has been so far. Both packages were so sweet I just had to share.

The first package above came from Nashville, Tennessee - The purple iris card is from American Letterpress and the Thank You card/postcard is from Hatch Show Print. Active since 1879, makes Hatch Show Print the oldest working poster print shop in America and a Nashville landmark! And, of course, the most literally delicious part of this package is a bar of Mexican style chocolate with cinnamon chili. This decedent bar of chocolate comes from Olive & Sinclair. I am not surprised that this is their most popular flavor.

The second package made its way over from Paris, France. It's a small bottle of basil infused oil from Olivers & CO. I can't wait to use this to pair with a fresh baguette or tomato and mozzarella (my favorite on a hot summer day!). I have been blessed to have been to Paris a few times and I certainly love everything Parisian. I am so happy Helen had such a wonderful time in her travels.

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  1. uh..Hell yea!
    Thanks for the shout out!
    Love to make you happy!