Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cinemagical : Style on the Big Screen : A Single Man

So, I here will be a new series of posts. I have always been inspired by set design, especially in cinema. I have had discussions with friends and coworkers, sense I can remember, which are the great movies for cinematic interior inspiration. I will cover both classics that I have seen, some that I have not (but have been suggested to me over and over), more modern movies that have hit the silver screen, and a few "honorable mention" TV shows, as well. Please, feel free to agree or disagree, also, I would love some suggestions on your favorites for me to post about.

I saw The Single Man in the movie theater last fall, and nervously brought my friends and boyfriend along for the show. I knew the movie would be beautiful, seeing it had been directed my fashion designer, Tom Ford, but also knowing it was about a same sex relationship, I wasn't sure, exactly, how my crowd would take to the whole concept. Luckily, and not too surprisingly, everyone loved it and everything about it. Everyone's performances were outstanding, Colin Firth's, especially, is to be applauded. This movie was perfectly cast, though, I am sure Tom Ford had many model/actors at his disposal making the cast also extremely good looking. The house the main character lives in, the neighborhood the house sits in, and the UCLA college campus he works in, are all beautifully fitting and perfectly representational of the 1960's. The attention to detail is really where this movie gets me. The horn framed glasses, chain smoking women, the student's motorcycle, the hairstyles and makeup, even the pistol Firth's character caries around in his briefcase - everything is stunning. The set design, costume and makeup design, propping and art direction are at their best in this film. If you have passed over this movie and haven't seen it, put it at the top of your list, it is undoubtedly a 'must see'.

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