Friday, June 11, 2010

Inspiration : Body Art

I love the idea of a tattoo, I think well executed and well designed ink can be very quite beautiful, but I know that I am too indecisive and no matter what I would choose to put on my body, I would undoubtedly regret it the day after. Between hanging out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and my "now" town, Austin, I have seen a lot of great pieces of art walking around (literally).The above have grabbed my attention and i hope you can see the same beauty in it that I do.

photo credit clockwise from top left: unknown; tattoopict; stumbleupon; fashionspiration; spicybiscotty; fashionspiration; allebach photography.          

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  1. Indecisive people have the option of getting those "five year" or "ten year" tattoos... They do not permeate as much skin and are gone in the amount of time specified. Probably cost a lot and I think they are done primarily in Europe.