Friday, October 29, 2010

Prettiest Pumpkin

This is by far the prettiest pumpkin on the block! I might be doing this project this afternoon, if I can find the time. If you ask me, this project is flawless - you can decorate it for the typical black-and-orange whimsy of Halloween and yet you can still keep it around all season until its time for your Thanksgiving tablescape! Click here for full tutorial on this diy pumpkin perfection!

Happy {Halloween} Weekend

"Witch and ghost
make merry
on this last of dear
October’s days." 
{Author Unknown} Happy Halloween

Black Holiday

This photo shoot and just another perfect depiction of what is feeding the fire in me this Halloween season. The dark and twisted glamour that is both haunting yet indescribable in how it won't let you look away from its beauty. The rest of the series is just as sinister and luscious in its faultless Black Holiday story.

Keep Calm

I know that these posters have become one of the latest fad crazes, but let's face it, the products are well designed and I like what the message is sending out. The history of the original campaign was the British started to produce the posters during 1939, at the beginning of World War II. The message was meant to raise moral of the public people in case of invasion. Two-and-a-half million copies were made for this "last-case-scenario" moral boosting campaign, but it just so happened that the posters were distributed in limited numbers and scarcely used. Sadly, the artist of the original art work and design was not documented and is still unknown. The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and were re-issued by a number of private sector companies stirring up the recent craze of the the Keep Calm & Carry On slogan.

I like the history and I appreciate how it relates to what is happening in our society today. There are a lot of upsets across the country, and across the globe, and we have a long road ahead of us. We need to remember to reset and collect ourselves, every once in a while, so that we can continue to the strong and carry on.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Colors of Fall

Well, for your face, anyway. I have already shared a few of my favorite fashion trends for Fall 2010, so here are some of my favorite makeup trends and ways to look fresh faced and fabulous!

Cool Pink Blush for your Cheeks.
A perfect way to look fresh and not overdone. Use simple makeup and softer shades for the rest of your makeup so that your rosy cheeks can really take precedence. Also, try and concentrate the pigment on the apples of your cheekbones so that the color. Take a peek here for some of this seasons best products to help pull off this look.

Smokey Green Eyes.
Especially if you have amber tones in your eyes, this look is for you! The green tones in the shadow will pull out the golden tones in your eye color. I also just like that this is a quick and simple way to add those military-chic colors into your style. Just remember to keep the color below the crease of the lid to avoid looking overdone, and reach for a brown liner for definition, instead of black. Check here for critics favorite cosmetics for this look. 

Persimmon for your Lips, not just your Desert.
There are a lot of bright orange lips on the runway these days which, obviously, isn't for everyone. Persimmon is a slightly pink-ier tone that gives nod to the trend without making you look like a clown. This color isn't considered a bright nor is it consider a neutral, so pick your color carefully. Be sure to test the color before you buy and make sure to take in the fact that the natural color of your lips will intensify the color you apply to them. Look here for your best bet on the best products.


Happy Monday

With only one week left, I am basking in the loveliness of this Halloween season. Every so often the Texas wind will make it feel like the north east autumn I am used to. I love buying the candy corn for the candy dish and lighting the pumpkin spice candles - all the details that make you feel like a kid again. This year especially, though, I am hooked on delicate elegance of black vs. white, shadow vs. light, and all things that make this holiday a particular glamorous occasion.

Aiding me in this Halloween appreciation, today, is the photography of Anna Wolf and illustrations by Clare Owen.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'tis the season...

Be inspired by the dark and mysterious.

Image credit: Deconstructed mummies image via coco+kelley

Favorite Fall Fashion Trends {2010}

Stripes as layers. I was crazy over stripes all summer long and now i can transition them into fall and winter as well! Don't pack away those stripes, wear them with jeggings and a boyfriend blazer and you're instantly nautical-chic for fall!

Military Chic. I am, for some reason, loving all of the army green and boyish military lines on super feminine girls. I enjoy this look especially when army meets a detail with sparkle.

Add a little sparkle to your life! A perfect transition into sparkles (like i said, i LOVE it with this seasons military-chic) A little glitter or sparkle in your step is this fall/winters best accessory. On your shoes or belt, skirt or blouse, no matter where you wear it, you're bound to turn heads.

Ladies, steal from the gentlemen. How to look comfortable and yet pulled together? Steal from the men! The boyfriend look is perfect for the weekend or a date night to the movies, when you might want to step out of your stilettos, but still dress to impress.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking foward to...

Diving into my latest purchase!

For all of you bicycle lovers out there, here is a great little tool (I say little because it is the size of a credit card and can fit into your wallet!) that can help fix life's little adjustments, or at least those pertaining to your ride. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

For the love of wine {and graphic design}

Jaqk Wine Cellars' tag line is "play a little" and that is JUST what they have done with their brand identity. I love the elegance and wit used throughout their wine labels and website - it makes it so much more fun to support, buy and drink! So, cheers - it's Friday!