Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Salle de Sport

I was brought to a quick halt when I came across this new sports and dance hall design in Calais, France by Pierre Frinault and David Jouquand from Remingtonstyle Architects. It's not everyday that you see such beautiful design for a community center type building, which is a shame when they could all bring a more rich design appreciation to neighborhoods and communities as this one does. I wish I had more info about the building and construction, but Remingtonstyle's beautiful website is all in french. I find myself drawn to and fully enjoying the geometric dark wood paneling that covers the building facade and the juxtaposition of the light wood paneling that wraps itself throughout the interior. Beautiful. I hope you enjoy the architecture and design as much as I do. 

Lighting and landscape design also get honorable mention. Cheers!

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