Monday, March 7, 2011

J.Crew Video Series

J.Crew is doing a 3-part video series to help explain their product and the stories behind why they use the materials they use. The first two are pretty great; About a Shoe and About a Thread Count (the third will be About a Print) tell the stories about the 5, 6, 7th generation shoe and textile makers J.Crew uses in Italy. The companies they work with have such an heirloom quality because these people have been a part of these trades their entire lives, they were born into it and they appreciate the knowledge the generations before them have bestowed onto them. It's really lovely to watch and learn a little more about. 

The videos aren't that long, which is nice in terms of keeping your interest. They have also logged a the story of each video, which is also accompanied by a photo journal. 

About A Shoe : See video here

About a Thread Count : See video here

About a Print : Coming Soon!


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