Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It Right To Draw Their Fur

My newest crush is on Is it right to draw their fur, a new book out by Dave Eggers. At first, you may think this book if for children with it's child-like sketches of animals and loose leafe format fitted inside what looks like an artists carrying portfolio, but what the animals have to say is much more whitty and "adult". Being an animal lover myself, I understand the though that each one "has a voice" and here Dave Eggers shows us just how clever they really may be. I love the simple yet thoughtful process involed in each animal sketch - here's what Dave, himself, has to say about it...

“This past year I went back to drawing animals. The process for these pictures is pretty simple: I find an old photo of an animal that somehow has some intrigue, and I use a China marker to freehand a version of that animal onto very smooth paper. Then I think of what that animal might be thinking — if that animal had an antagonistic relationship with humans and was vying with those humans for the favor of a Catholic God.”
-Dave Eggers

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