Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Gardening

This past weekend Joseph and I bought ourselves a bunch of Succulent plants from Austin's Zilker botanical gardens (all cactus are succulents, but not all succulents are cactus). I have decided this year that I was going to do all of my gardening from pots - all herbs and other plants I aim to grow will be grown and kept in whatever fun vestals we come across. This does not mean I will be gardening from my kitchen, so here are a few fun things I think are necessary fun details to add to our outside world (along with my potted garden).

I am planning on using found objects for most of our "pots", like, rusted buckets or old coffee tins, but I will probably invest in a few new pieces to mix in. A little "modern rustic", if you will. I am crushing on these small herb pots from Anthropologie that are only $6 dollars, such a great price!

A little something for the birds. We already have a bird feeder on our front stoop which brings a lot of beautiful and colorful birds to your yard, but these nesting cotton balls, from Terrain, are so precious and I love the idea of helping our feathered friends build a home ($12 ea.).

We spend a good amount of time outside during the summer months (until it's too hot to) so this year I'd like to set the mood a little more with some beautiful candles. Again I will stick with the "modern rustic" but this time with a little Moroccan flair with these perforated white "polka-dotted" porcelain hurricanes from West Elm ($19.00 – $49.00).

This Market Tote from J.Crew is perfect for carrying your plants and goods around the local farms and farmers markets and your tools around the yard ($42.50).

And of course all of us fair skinned individuals have to be careful about how much sun we get, so this adorable Lacy Edge straw hat will be the perfect addition to any summer style and keep that sun off your face ($39).

Happy gardening!

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  1. Love the cotton ball idea for the birds. One could use the mess bags from oinons etc., to create your onw bird ball, to hang.
    Can't wait top start planting.