Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Party Etiquette

Holiday Parties are among us, so here are some tips that offer up some advice on how to navigate this season's social whirl wind!

Q: I would like to bring friends along to a party, is this OK?
A: The answer is usually 'yes' as long at you ask the hostess first. Also, keep in mind that it's much easier to bring friends along to a cocktail party opposed to a sit down dinner. However, this extended invitation does not keep going and going - guest of guests should not bring guests! Under normal circumstances, an invitation generally means you plus one.

Q: I forgot to RSVP. Can I still attend the party?
A: Don't just show up - even if it's the day of the event call or email the hostess and let them know that you will be able to make it. A late response is better than no response at all - and a simply apology for your late reply will go a long way. Seasoned partygoers tend to reply as soon as they recieve the invitation, that way they won't forget - and for this you'll be sure to be invited back every year. 

Q: I can only stay at the party a little while. How do I do so gracefully?
A: Give a big hello rather than a big goodbye. This was you don't disrupt your hostess in the middle of the party and risk hurting the flow of the party. It's fine to slip out quietly, but you don't want to trigger a preemptive mas exodus!

Q: I think I may have gotten a tad too tipsy. How should I recover?
A: Humor is often your best friends in times like these. Tell your host that you had a great time (maybe too great a time) and that you're terribly sorry - a simple apology note or phone call should be enough to smooth things over.

Q: I am attending an event but I won't know that many people. Any tips?
A: Be adventurous! There is no need to wait on your hostess to do all the introductions, put yourself out there and work the room yourself. Strike up conversation (and maybe even dance) with people you don't know. The most important thing is to show up to the party with a festive attitude - If you look like you're enjoying yourself, people will be drawn to you!

All advice based off InStlyle Magazine December 2009 Issue

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