Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Great Kitchen tips!

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ONE: Open kitchen cabinets or shelves in place of cabinets make your space feel lighter and airier. Use a combination of open and closed cabinets if you don't want everything on display.   

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TWO:  Using a rack to hang your pots will save you storage space in your drawers and cabinets and will make your pots and pans easier to find. Not to mention its a great way to display your collection of stove top items.

THREE:  Don't be afraid to keep out the items you use often or everyday and feel free to display the things you enjoy looking at. Fill fruit bowls with your market fresh fruits and veggies for easy access and a punch of color - or keep your hand and dish soaps on the counter in beautiful trays for organization. Just make sure after all is said and done you have plenty of room to still utilize your counter space when it comes time to cook. 

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 FOUR:  Sneak on more shelving to your walls and use up all your wall space, especially if you have a small kitchen and not a lot of storage space. The shelves themselves can become artwork by using ornate and decorative brackets or the items you display can be placed as groupings to make them look more put-together as well.
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FIVE:  A kitchen cart/island on wheels provides moveable storage and extra counter space and can easily double as a serving space or , best of all, a bar when there is company over!

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